Modern-Day Homesteading


As we have been getting increasing access to information, there have, ironically, been increasing numbers of people who have strong urges to reject a heavy dependence on technology. While many people wish to escape our society’s current state of dependency on technological devices and systems, this is not necessarily the case for everyone. In fact, many people seek to live off of the grid simply because they have a deep love of nature, and also have desires to live as independently and self-sufficiently as they possibly can. By acquiring land and implementing modern homesteading methods, many people have been able to successfully form for themselves fairly sustainable lifestyles.

Similar to the days long ago when the country was first being formed, homesteading is essentially the process of living in a largely self-sufficient manner from one’s own land and property. Whether it is vegetables or meat, most of the food that you eat when homesteading is usually grown and raised yourself on your own land. Also, many people will produce their own clothes, as well as make some of their own furniture. People will even go so far as to totally build their own living space from the ground up on their own.

While most people wanting a homesteading lifestyle do seek refuge away from technology and the stresses of modern society, it is also true that many of them have learned most of what they know about this lifestyle from online resources. There are tons of online information sources that can inform you about everything from building your own gardens and growing your own food, all the way to building your own home and designing your own water filtration system. In the pursuit of learning all that is necessary to really live off the grid, people will spend an incredible amount of time not only on online information sites, but also in actual libraries, as well. Since major lifestyle changes are often required in order to homestead effectively, there is usually significant mental strength and discipline required to even simply be willing to learn what is necessary.

Although there is often a goal of doing and making as much as possible on your own, it is still good to take advantage of modern technologies and resources. When building your own water filtration system or self-contained energy grid, you can make good use out of modern tools, like various types of solar technologies. Similar to some very ancient models, there are some current technologies and designs that will allow you to have a homestead with its own complete ecosystem. For further details regarding Homesteading, check out

Although we have some incredible technologies these days, this does not mean that we have to live in any way that is oppositional to nature. Still, though we may choose to live a more self-sufficient, homesteading lifestyle, there are still many innovative, modern technologies that can benefit us.

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